Yannick Oppliger - Drummer, composer and performer

Yannick Oppliger - Drummer

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Born 28 February 1970 Tramelan


Swiss Jazz School Diploma (2000), courses with various teachers, notably Jean-Daniel Weber, Philippe Bieri, Alain Tissot, John Howard, Norbet Pfammater, Ulli Müller et Billie Brooks.

Professional activities

Past Activities

In 1993: 4th prize in the «Swiss Competition Drums Contest».

He has played with numerous musicians amongst whom are Andy Scherrer, Corinne Courchelas, Christian Marclay, Hans Koch, Werner Lüdi, Robet Morgenthaler, Jean-Jaques Pedretti, Franci Coletta, Teddy Berlocher, Ude Temple et Frank Usher, Jean Pierre Schaller, Mathias Desmoulins, Yvan Ischer, Claude Hauser, Christian Bader, John Trevor