XTitleclock - display the current time/date in X Windows titles

Claudio Fleiner


Where you always wondering why so much precious screen real estate is wasted by window titles? Now you can make use of it by displaying the current time/date in them.

Xtitleclock allows you to display the date and/or time in whatever format you chose in the title of windows. Version 0.2 allows you to additionally display the output of any program. Handy to display the load status of your battery! This should work with any window manager.

WARNING: I'm no expert on X. It does work for me, but may do nasty things to your computer. Use at your own risk! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

To install the program unpack it and execute

        make install
        make install.man
(the last two must be executed as root)

Please send questions, bug fixes and suggestions to xtitleclock@fleiner.com

Download new versions from http://www.fleiner.com/xtitleclock/

Claudio Fleiner < click for textversion of email address >

Download xtitleclock-0.1: xtitleclock-0.1.tar.gz

Download xtitleclock-0.2: xtitleclock-0.2.tar.gz