VMH used to read email

Disclaimer: the colors here are the ones I use on my laptop, they may look rather strange if you use a standard screen. However, if you use vmh it will use the standard colors you defined in your setup.

To: Sven Guckes <guckes@vim.org>
From: Claudio Fleiner <claudio@fleiner.com>
Subject: Re: vim utils - vmh added
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In-Reply-To: <19990621183820.J14728@zedat.fu-berlin.de>;
        from Sven Guckes <guckes@vim.org> on Mon, 21 Jun 1999 18:38:20 +0200
X-Mailer: vmh for vim (v0.2)

> > and change the one regarding jtags: a new version
> > (0.2) is out since June 14th,
> Info updated!

> I appreciate that you can get info on updates via email -
> but can I get these without downloading jtags?  ;-)
> Maybe you want to make use of netmind's service here?!
Well, you can always send me an email and I will add you
(already happened). Besides, every additional download
makes me believe that someone is using this program :-)
> > and please change the email address to claudio@fleiner.com
> Done.
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