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Note: Mathieu Clabaut took my script and added on the fly spelling and made some other changes. Instead of using the script here you may want to download his version here

ISpell and ASpellare spell checker programs that can be used standalone or to generate a list of mispelled words. The macro below uses the latter functionality and then uses the syntax highlighting of vim to show the misspelled word.

Depending on the program you want to use you need to either download vimispell.vim or vimaspell.vim.

By sourcing this script the following mappings get defined:

Save the file, run ispell, show the errors and define the mappings used to add words to the dictionary.
Switch to the next language (as defined in the macro file)
Remove the error highlighting
Insert word under cursor into dictionary
Insert word under cursor as lowercase into dictionary
Accept word for this session only
Show alternative spellings and let user chose
Find next error
Find previous error
Note that this script runs only if you have sed and awk installed on your system (those utilities are available on most unix systems, but not on windows/dos systems, although there are versions for those systems too).

(C) 1997-2001 Claudio Fleiner