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Dead keys are used to create special characters that do not exists on some keybords, like

   ä, ç
In order to get those you have the possibility to configure your windows manager (or select an appropriate keyboard driver in windows). However, this will now affect all programs, even if you just write programs instead of a letter. By defining the appropriate dead keys only if you actually write text, you would getter something much more appropriate. Besides, if you write html pages, you would probably prefer to enter things like

The following macros allow you to do this. They consist of three different source file, each of which installs either no dead keys, standard dead keys or html dead keys. By using <F9> you can cycle through the three definitions (I decided to use files instead of functions, as functions use up memory in every copy of vim that you start, while files that are never "sourced" don't).

To use those files store them in some directory (and make sure to change the last line in each to point to the correct directory):

Now add the following line to your vimrc file:
      map <F9>      :source $VIM/set/text_dead.vim<CR>
and make sure to change the path accordingly.

(C) 1997-2001 Claudio Fleiner