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Michael Fleiner

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He studied classical Piano and Jazz at the «onservatoire de Fribourg after which he studied for 4 years at the univesity of «Javeriana» in Bogota, Columbia.In 1994 he studied Jazz at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, graduating with a diploma in July 2000.

Professional activities

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Corazón de AldeaCD 1997
Louis Schornoz SpecialNIC 002
No Square Trio "Empreintes"Jazz Elite Special 730612
Corazón de Aldea "Entre Mundos"2000 CDA 1102
No Square Trio "Live à La Case à Chocs"Altri Suoni AS 084
Girasol "Le Tueur"1 CD
Fiebre LatinaDisques Office 65326
No Square "C'est où Doregon ?"AltriSuoni129
"Bitzius" (Beat Sterchi and No Square)

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