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A few people have their personal home pages on this server. If you would like one too or an email address of the form send an email to

But please be aware that there is neither much space on this server nor a lot of place for additional email addresses. For this I would need to switch to another server which costs more money. So, if you are able to pay something I am probably much more willing to help you.

All homepages are available on the server and ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The personal homepages at /

o  Andy Aegerter
o  Eulogio Mambi Arguelles-Puey
o  Marc Bergundthal
o  Cesare Di Vita
o  Oscar Fierro
o  Claudio Fleiner
o  Michael Fleiner
o  André Hahne
o  Fred Jaupart
o  Daniel Küffer
o  Stéphane Métraux
o  Jérôme Ogier
o  Yannick Oppliger
o  Steve Pasche
o  Christian Ramel
o  Jean-François Solange
o  Andrés Varan