Benchmarks regarding the Sather compiler

On this page you will find links to several benchmarks that show the impact of six different optimizations of the new 1.0.8 Sather compiler.

The Benchmarks

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The Optimization Options:

Description of the Tables

Each line of the tables shows the result when using some of the optimization options of the compiler. The options that are turned on for each line are marked with a blue dot. A red dot (only used in the impact tables) signifies that this line shows the difference between two runs of the compiler, once with this option turned off, and once when it is turned on.

To the right are the different measurments made. Each column is divided into 4 subcolumns.

Note that the impact tables will only show the last two subcolumns, and instead of comparing the values with the standard compiler, they show the difference introduced by using the option marked with a red dot.

The Measurements