eMail Address Management

This web site used to have lots of email addresses on many pages. Unfortunatly people started to spam those addresses. To avoid this we replaced all email text addresses with images, so you cannot copy/paste them or click on them. If you click you come to this web page instead, where we try to figure out if you are a real person or a bot, and we also intentionally slow you down so you cannot get too many addresses in a short time. Sorry for this inconvenience (if you have a better idea on how to solve out problem please send an email to click for textversion of email address).

We show you here 7 sentences, 6 of them are combinations of several sentences and should therefore not make sense. Select the correct one, and you will get a page where you can click on the email address you are looking for in order to send an email.

baker's law: you can be connected in two different receive a card from someone you overlooked.
law of arrival: of the butter is in direct contradictory orders, obey them both.
Jacobson's Law: The less Observation: Junk mail imagine, it's queerer than we can imagine.
Law of Life's Highway: If long a minute is depends on which say "let's forget the whole thing".
Murphy's Constant: Matter will growing from sidewalk hell is others.
Sir Walter's Law: The tendency of smoke from a cigarette, barbecue, campfire, etc. to drift into a person's face varies directly with that person's sensitivity to smoke.
Atwood's Fourteenth Corollary: No books those most opposed to serving on until after the test.